Image Steganography whole details

Hello Slateers, in this  slate we are going to know about an interesting technique related to hiding sensitive information from the eyes  of data – thieves. World calls it ‘Steganography’ and in this slate, we discuss something related to steganography, and image steganography in particular. ‘Steganography’ do exist even from the earlier eras, but forms […]

Android Lollipop: Tips, Tricks and Features + Lollipop OS unveiled

Hello Slateers, Techslates is set up to enlighten you with all the information related to Android Lollipop OS regarding its features and tips, recently released Android OS. Every techie is using  smart phones based on Android Lollipop,these days is in tug-of-war with windows 10.So, gear up your minds and lean back in your seats to […]

How to use GUEST MODE feature of Chromecast?

How to use GUEST MODE feature of Chromecast? Hello Techslateers, in this slate , we outline the step by step process on how to use Guest Mode feature of Chromecast on Android OS 4.3+ device . This outstanding feature helps you to make others use your Chromecast to stream under your permission, if you have […]

How to use Firefox for Android’s Chromecast Feature?

Hello Techslateers, in this slate, we outline the step by step process of using the Chromecast feature of new Android Mozilla Firefox app. This outstanding feature helps you to stream the supported videos from the websites you visit on the Mozilla Firefox Android Browser if you have a smart TV and a pretty Google Chromecast […]

It’s Christmassy CHRomecast Season !

Hello Techslateers, in chromecast slate, we made you understand everything about Google’s sleek media adapter Google Chromecast. Now, in this Christmas season, environments have already become dazzling and mesmerizing. To make this Christmas more blazing, hope for a Google Chromecast in your Christmas stocking, if you are a tech child. If you are an earner, […]

Essential Latest Vocabulary for all Students and placement aspirants

Hello Techies, Techslates is back to you to help you make your vocabulary better and give you some bucketful of words those may be mindy not handy at needs. We will strive to improve the slate( post / article) as frequently as possible. You may check the version of the slate in the title of the slate, say v1.

How to create windows contacts in windows 7 / 8 / 8.1/10?

Are you searching the easiest way to have communication using the digital technology? Then you have to read the following slate (article) to have a quick knowledge regarding the technique. How to create windows contacts in windows 7 / 8 / 8.1/10? Requirements:  Windows 7 / 8 / 8.1/10 Info: These days communication is going […]

Google Chromecast Launch in India at Rs.2999

Hi everyone, now TechSlates came forward to reveal almost everything about Google Chromecast. Google has launched its streaming device, Chromecast into the Indian digital markets on December 10, 2014 after its first release in the U.S in June of 2013. Google almost took 18 months to have its device get launched into second most populous country, India.  Google set […]