4 Funny ways to kill Interviewer’s time to crack technical interview

Being funny is not a crime in today’s technical world. Especially, easy-go attitude earns some credit in technical job interviews from perspective of the HR. One best tip to crack technical interview is to impress the interviewer. You have countable minutes in your hands to impress the HR to get a job. You have to […]

Google Chrome vs Microsoft Edge (Spartan) – Differences and Feature Comparisons

You and I may love to install offline Google Chrome for PC now. But when you upgrade to Windows 10 from Windows 7/8.1 for free, you will be getting latest version of IE 11/12 along with new and free featured Microsoft Spartan Web browser(with new alias). Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge (Spartan) has several distinctions.Download […]

10 Tempting Windows Features to Upgrade to Windows 10

These days, there has been a lot of buzz about Windows 10 with technical alias Threshold. Microsoft blog has officially published that featured Windows 10 unveiling ceremony will be in mid-summer 2015.Featured Windows 10 is expected to be available for free upgrade to PCs/Laptops/Tablets in 190 nations, with 100+ languages. As per my Windows technical […]

6 Things you Must Do Before Six Minutes of your Interview

Every graduate, for that matter, every person wishes to crack their first interview. But very few could do it, that doesn’t mean that they are intellectual enough to crack the interview. Several things will pave the way to succeed in an interview. Have you ever asked yourself ‘How to crack an interview?’. People will look […]

Apps to avoid wasting time spent on Internet

Being a techie, I usually spend more time surfing internet on my Android Moto G Smartphone. At the end of day, I used to ponder how did I waste(of course, not 100%) my valuable minutes. I ask myself how to avoid wasting time on browsing net in my Android smartphone and PC/Windows 10 Laptop. Even several […]

Sync Your Contacts with New Featured Avatar of Google Contacts

Everyone knows that Google Contacts is the best contact management service that is offered by the tech giant Google. Recently, Google has unveiled new avatar of its Google Contacts (Preview).The Contacts Preview has stunning features needed to sync your contacts from any desktop or mobile OS including Android.With the motto to synchronize contacts of every […]

7 Smart Tips for Google Chrome to Speed Up Your Work for Nerds

Who don’t want a speedy browser such as Google Chrome (36+)? Enhance your Google chrome browser with chrome tips to make your work fast and easy. Using these smart 7 Google chrome latest update tips can aid you a lot. Recent Surveys show that Google Chrome browser  is the best free downloaded browser with best […]

Download Show Box for Android OS,iOS-iPhone/iPad,PC and Mac

  Hi hAPPy users, hope everything is fine with you. Of late, every techie has come across trending word “Show Box App” and might have known that it is a top downloaded app that is available for android in the entertainment category. If you are a download samba, you might have downloaded the Show box […]

Download 4 Fabulous Apps for Free to Speed Up PC/Laptop

Who doesn’t like a speedy electronic gadget? a speedy laptop with efficient apps can soothe your office works and helps you share your leisure time with your lappy. Many times your PC slows down due to some apps that reduce your laptop/PC speed and you may be thinking that restarting the PC is a better […]

Skin care tips in winter season

Usually in winter the oily content on the skin makes the skin dry by the solidification of the oily content which makes our skin rougher but there are some ways by which we can make our skin soft and smooth besides hiking up the collagen content on the skin. Skin care tips especially in winter […]

How to Update Softwares on all Moto Devices

Generally if there are updates available to your device, then they will be sent to your phone automatically when you connect to the internet. There is another option for you to update over a USB connection using Motorola Device Manager (MDM). How to update softwares on all Moto devices: To check for updates then follow […]

Best Music Streaming app of year: Spotify

Among the many apps in 2014, Spotify creates its own image in music streaming. There was a doubt in the beginning of its launch about its performance but, as the days pass on it proves itself with its quality and charming design. Definitely it is good for the music lovers as the performance of the […]

How to get rid of Dandruff: Easy steps and tips

Dandruff is not a problem which causes to hair, it’s just a skin disorder which affects scalp. During this disorder a dry white flakes are shed off from the scalp. These flakes are the pieces of the dead skin cells. Normally this dead skin cell shed off but it results in dandruff only when these […]

Best Batch-Renaming Python Software Script for Windows – RCS8

  Hello Readers, Have you ever disgusted with renaming several files in your required format, to use them in your blogs, websites or for some album? Here, Techslates provides a simple though not elegant solution for such tedious task. We also embedded a video in this slate elucidating step by step procedure, to aid your […]