Be Alert: Whatsapp Version 4.0 Download Scam Whatsapp version 4 Spam: Whatsapp 2.16.55 is the latest What’sapp version available for download,not whatsapp verison 4.But, a spam with the name of arcticpilgrim com version 4 whatsapp download ( lingering in several worldwide Wapp groups.So called, Whatsapp version 4 is said to have whatsapp video callingenhanced voice calling , deletion of sent whatsapp messages, free sms etc. You will be asked to download Whatsapp version 4.0.0 apk to get started.It’s a scam on arctic pilgrim com name.We suggest you not to download and install whatsapp 4.0.0 version apk.It’s latest 2016 Whatsapp scam in the messenger groups.Don’t click on spam links like  or

You can now run 2 whatsapp in 1 android phone using parallel space multi accounts app.

download Whatsapp version 4.0.0 scam


Alert: Whatsapp Version 4.0 Download is a Scam

As of today, Whatsapp 2.16.55 is the latest whatsapp version available.Whatsapp 4.0 version claims to have several amazing features. They include sending more than 10 pics in whatsapp at a time, Delete Wapp messages on both sides, theme and sticker support like hike messenger. Not yet released Whatsapp video calling app version is being scammed as arctic pilgrim com version 4 wApp version. Techslates Team recommend not to click on Wapp group broadcasted messages about Whatsapp version 4.0 download. The scam message will appear to like as below.

Whatsapp arctic pilgrim com version 4 download

Once you click the link in the message(, you will be asked to install several apps on your phone.After installing the apps, you will find that you were cheated for download whatsapp 4.0 apk.The arctic pilgrim whatsapp 4 will redirect to official website to update your whatsapp.Their main motto of this whatsapp arctic pilgrim spam is to make you install malicious apks to steal your information.Stay alert for this kind of false Whatsapp 4 download scams

If you are facing problems with Whatsapp crashes, upgrade to the latest version.

You can also check out how to use whatsapp web version.

Tips to avoid Whatsapp Version 4.0.0 download like spam:

  • Never click on Whatsapp links( or shared in groups or brocadcasted via Whatsapp
  • Whatsapp Official team will never post links links download Whatsapp Version 4.0 apk for android
  • Never share such kind of scam to your friends, it will raise the fraudster’s third-party software(arcticpilgrim) scam.
  • Always update the Whatsapp version through official site.

You can now install two whatsapp on single dual sim phone.Try it out.

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Never click on Whatsapp arctic pilgrim spam links in your Whats’app account like  or

Please share this article to your friends to help your friends.We once again says that the official whatsapp version 4.0 download is not available.The scam is related to arctic pilgrim com version 4.0 website.Never try to download whatsapp updates from fake sites or messages.This download arctic pilgrrim Whatsapp version 4 scam is spreading rapidly.Be Alert and inform your whatsapp friends.


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