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Being a techie, I usually spend more time surfing internet on my Android Moto G Smartphone. At the end of day, I used to ponder how did I waste(of course, not 100%) my valuable minutes. I ask myself how to avoid wasting time on browsing net in my Android smartphone and PC/Windows 10 Laptop. Even several people asked me on Facebook, related to wastage of time on internet/Facebooking.You can call it web/social media addiction , are you an addict to Facebook,twitter?.You can now stop wasting time on facebooking or twittering using these best apps to stop wastage  time on social media.Bear in mind, simply installing this internet surfing apps for your android/PC/laptop won’t stop wasting time on internet.You have to strict to your resolution of avoid wasting time spent on  internet or facebooking.

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How to Spend Less time on Internet/Social Media

It’s a known fact that unknowingly more number of people spend more time over internet/online through several internet apps and are living their lives in that virtual world. Starting with reading news headlines in the news apps to texting good night to your friends and loved ones in the facebook ,twitter or other social networking app. Is it a kind of addiction or are you living a completely hypnotized life being hypnotized to the internet by these social apps.These are the questions you have to ask yourselves to avoid wasting time spent on internet.

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of course on some days there may be situations that make us sit and stick in front of the PC monitor / iPad Air surfing the web for more number of hours. If that is for your work then there is no escape, but we can see a lot of zombies in our surroundings gazing into their screens of smartphones and computers/PCs.Try to avoid wasting time thinking about them.

Now, we can ask ourselves the question, am I spending more minutes over internet/facebooking/Online? Of course you can judge yourself with your explanations but, whatever may be the case, it is not safe for you to be on the internet like a robot or addicted humanoid.

Too much of using internet/facebooking can have adverse effects on your health too. So, I want to improve my health and yours too balancing internet usage too.I would like to provide you with best ways in the form of apps to stop wasting time on internet.

Here are the PC/Laptop Best android  apps  and Best ways to avoid spending your worthy minutes on internet,Social Media like Facebook,Twitter and aid you to avoid net addiction.

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Top Apps to Avoid wasting Time on Internet

1. Rescue Time Android App

If you need to work online then it is for you, it is a time management app that saves a lot of yours. It gives you the statistics of the time you spent on various applications and websites on internet/online. From those statistics we can realize how long we are in that website . According to those results we can avoid wasting time on internet/online and social media.Rescue Time App can will definitely make you avoid wasting time online.

You can download Rescue time App for both Mac and Windows PC from the below links to spend less time on internet/online

Download Rescue Time Android App

Download Rescue Time for Mac OS

Download Rescue Time for Windows 10/8.1/8/7/XP

2. Self Control App for iDevices/iOS

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Best Ways to spend less time on internet and Facebook

With this Free iOS top app you can have the freedom to put some of the time-killing sites like facebook, twitter etc., on a blacklist’s group. Once you fix and set the timer you can’t get access to those sites even if you reboot/restart your computer or PC. Self Control App also has the feature to block internet for a while. From this Self control app for iDevices/iOS we can block excess internet usage.  If we use this best app we can definitely avoid wasting time on smart phones and social media like FB,twitter,Google+.SelfControl app can reduce your online browsing time.Thus you can make yourself stop wasting time on internet.

Download SelfControl App for Mac OS

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3. Freedom App for Windows PC

While Self Control is the free app for Mac OS, Freedom app provides similar functionalities for Windows PC users. But you have to pay some bucks for Freedom app. This free top freedom app for windows 10 or windows 8 or windows 8.1 we can feel some what better healthy compared to without using this best app. You can download the premium Freedom Application from the below link to avoid wasting time on internet/online or social media sites  like Facebook, Twitter.Get Freedom app to your latest windows PC/laptop to stop wasting time.

Download Freedom App for Windows PC

Techslates Tip:

If you are a Google Chrome browser (36+)user ,the best way to avoid wasting time on internet is to get Productivity Owl chrome extension installed on your latest Google Chrome version.It has various features that can reduce your time spent on internet. Get the Productivity Owl Extension for the Chrome browser from Chrome Web store

4.Moment App for iDevices/iOS

iTunes store provide all the Apple gadget users, to monitor their internet usage statistics on your iDevices such as iPhone/iPad. To spend less time we should use the Moment app from iTunes and to get to know your internet data usage and have a check on the usage. From this statistics of our internet usage we may avoid  time spent  on Internet,phones and Social media Like Facebook,twitter.

Download Moment App from iTunes

5. Quality Time App for Android Users

If you are using Android Kitkat or higher Lollipop OS, get the Quality time app for your android device from google play store to have a view of your time spent on internet, it also give popup alerts of excess usage of internet. Here best results are coming by using this best quality time app for android users.

Get Quality Time App for Android

Guys, i hope you got all the info regarding All tips, tricks and Best Apps to avoid wasting time on internet, Social media like Facebook,twitter and  smart phone. So please be aware of above tips, Top apps and save your most valuable time and avoid internet and FB addiction.

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