Android Lollipop Moto G WiFi Authentication Fix

These days, Android Lollipop Moto G series phones have been the sleeky and handy gadgets to be opted for by tech-lovers but they do face wifi authentication problem.The Moto series comprises of Moto G 1st Generation, Moto G Second Generation and 3rd generation in its legacy.Several differences between Android Lollipop Moto G Series phones, with respect to Android Lollipop Moto G Versions.Recently,Lollipop 5.1 upgrade for Moto G has been rolled out.However, Android Wifi problems are still ubiquitous on lollipop smartphones.

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Android Lollipop Moto G WiFi Authentication Fix

In addition to Moto G,Android Lollipop Note 4,Note 3 and Galaxy S5 have a major share in the 2015 smartphone market.One of the very frequent problems Lollipop 5.0 and Lollipop 5.1 is wifi problem in android.Besides Wifi Connectivity problem in Android Lollipop phones, users have been complaining about several common problems in Android phones and Techslates Provides fixes to common Moto G problems .

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Pre-Checks before fixing Wifi Authentication issues in Android:

Ensure that you are not a simpleton to face Wifi authentication Problems in Android Lollipop Moto G,Nexus 5,Nexus 6  or Note 4/5 due to following reasons:

  • OOPS!first check whether your Lollipop Wifi is toggled on.
  • Check the name of the Wifi Network you are trying to connect  by your Android Lollipop device
  • Be aware of the correct Wifi Password for the internet connection to avoid  Wifi Network Connectivity problems in android.
  • Make sure that your Android Lollipop Moto G is not in airplane mode which arise android wifi authentication problems.
  • Try to keep your Android Lollipop 5.1 Moto G device in the range of Wifi networks, otherwise you cannot find available wifi networks.
  • Ensure that your router or modem is properly otherwise we hear questions like
    • My Wifi cannot connect to internet issue
    • Limited wifi connection problem
    • unable to connect to internet issue
    • limited connectivity  wifi isssue
    • obtaining ip address issue in Android Lollipop Moto G

Steps to Fix Lollipop Moto G Wifi Authentication Problem:

  • Turn off the Wifi in the Lollipop device
  •  Change the Android Lollipop Moto G device mode into airplane mode.
  • Now,try to connect to your wifi network using the correct credentials
  • If it solves the wifi problem in Android Lollipop Moto G device, then switch to the airplane mode once again to receive your telecom signals
  • If this does not solve wifi issue in android 5.0/5.1 device,then
    • Ask your wifi network provider , the details of static ip configuration of the wifi network
    • Follow the below steps to apply Android Lollipop Moto G wifi authentication fix
      • open ‘Settings‘ in Moto G device
      • Tap ‘Wireless and Networks‘ option
      • Look for ‘Wi-Fi settings ‘ and tap ‘Menu
      • Choose ‘Advanced‘ option
      • Use ‘Static IP‘ configuration to fix Wifi Authentication problem in Android Lollipop Moto G

The above steps must solve your wifi problem in most of the android lollipop devices such as Moto G1,Nexus 5/6,Note 4/3 or Moto G2/G3.If not,try to backup your Android smartphone data and factory reset your lollipop device.

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  1. Bharati Sud says:

    When I press the Advance in Wifi menu I do not get Static IP configuration. I only get Mac address and IP address unavailable. So how / where do I put IP address even if I have it.

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