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Whatsapp Video Calling Feature Activation: Download whatsapp or higher to do video calls on whatsapp for free.Downloading/upgrading whatsapp allow video calling feature activation. Can you install video call or video chat on whatsapp as its free voice calling feature?Activation of video calling feature on whatsapp requires free download of whatsapp latest version  from the official site and installing the whatsapp.After downloading /updating the whatsapp beta version to android apk/windows phone/blackberry/iphone, we have to activate video calling feature in whatsapp.

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Activate WhatsApp video calling feature

As per the reports from macerkopf.de, free video calling is available for iOS in its beta version.However, we can download free whatsapp videocalling apk for android/iphone/windows phone very soon by the update link below.

Download Latest Whatsapp video calling app  

Activate Video Chat feature in Whatsapp Android Apk or iOS iphone

Whatsapp Video Calling Features:

As per the leaked information from macerkopf.de, Whatsapp video calling feature is provided with three embedded features from its upgraded/downloaded public whatsapp version version on installation

  • Accept/reject whatsapp video calling
  • Enable or disable conversation while doing video calling on iOS/iphone/Android apk
  • Video Chat feature to switch the rear or front camera on your iphone/android whatsapp apk installed on android OS like marshmallow/lollipop/kitkat

A small preview video chat window is also available on installing whatsapp video chat to view how you appear to the whatsapp video caller (recepient).This video calling feature can be activated once you upgrade your whatsapp version to version.With enabling videocall feature on its app/apk, whatsapp aims to give a cut-throat competition to its rivals like skype, google hangouts and its sibling facebook messenger itself. Updating your whatsapp to will provide you with activation of videochat or video calling on your iphone/android apk.

Now, install video chat on updating your watsapp and activate voicecalling and videocalling features to connect to your friends.Over 920 million+ users of whatsapp users are going to get a boost activating video-calling feature on iphone/android apk.

We will update the whatsapp video call download link once updated whatsapp release date is announced.Wait for the official release date of Whatsapp apk for android to activate whatsapp video calling along with voice calling.



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