About Us:

           TECHslates began to sprout its roots in the digital arena in the latter half of 2014. It’s the brain child of a team of techies from RGUKT, a fledgling technological university. We being the techies, call ourselves as techslaters, publishing articles in the form of slates.

We provide a trending digital environment to serve the needs of our internet surfers (slateers) who want to be a techie. Our motto is to provide a free web based platform for all enthusiastic and evangelistic surfers in an elegant way. Our team takes pride in having this platform to serve the web folks.

We render correct and consistent updates regarding four categories Technology|Education|Careers|Health with scrupulous efforts.

Technology always stood as a synonym for internet. So we prefer technology as main ingredient in Techslates to furnish best software fixes and tips about technology. Our services include information and fixes regarding Android and all other Google products, windows, electronic gadgets and more leading technological news.

Education in complementary with technology adds flavor for your zeal to learn. So education has become the second ingredient of Techslates. We took this chance to entrain you with quirky environment. Education has a caliber to elevate you in a unique manner. We wish to give free e-Education at our very own Platform, Techslates.

Being equipped with technological and educational knowledge, your career will come up with flying colors. Every individual is special in his/her own way, but minute flaws in them will turnout as hurdles for their careers. So we aid you in crossing those hurdles with our slates. At Techslates, we provide you with best tips in making your career bright.

We believe in the saying “Health is Wealth”, so it’s the matter of our perspective to take health as a fourth element. In the health sector of Techslates we include tips to manage your health, emotions and few quick tips to beautify your beauty in this modern busy era.

As of our view, Technology|Education|Careers|Health is the perfect combo for anyone who is in quest of knowledge. And for this, Techslates is the right stop where quality meets infinity.
We always strive to give you all digital information at your fingertips and it gives us an immense pleasure to help you out in all your digital needs.

Happy slating….!