7 Smart Tips for Google Chrome to Speed Up Your Work for Nerds

Who don’t want a speedy browser such as Google Chrome (36+)? Enhance your Google chrome browser with chrome tips to make your work fast and easy. Using these smart 7 Google chrome latest update tips can aid you a lot. Recent Surveys show that Google Chrome browser  is the best free downloaded browser with best and smart features. For smart devices such as Google Nexus 8, Moto G, Lumia etc., these Google chrome tips might speed up your device,

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Latest update or version of Google Chrome  is the best browser with latest security updates and tips. Google Chrome users are known to be the smart users being protected from various problems. Read the Google Chrome web browser Tips to do your work with ease as ‘Speed speaks’.

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Powerful Tip 1: Pin it Chrome

Frequent users of Google Chrome might came across Pin it feature, whenever you right click a tab.If you pin a tab on Google  chrome browser,

Google Chrome 36 +(plus) Pin it image

Pint it Image

1.The tab stays fixed on the left hand corner of the Google chrome browser and close button of the tab disappear.

You can use this quick tip if you want a tab such as your Gmail, Dropbox etc., to be sticky.

2.This Google Chrome version web browser tip also help you hide the Google chrome tab’s title from shoulder-peepers very fast.

3.Whenever you exit the Google chrome browser and come back,the pinned tabs reload.

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Tactic Tip 2: Task manager Tip

Whenever you run into a problem of crashing your Google Chrome, you hate the smarty fastest web browser Google chrome.

Google Chrome 36 +(plus) Task Manager image

Google Chrome Task Manager image

press “Shift+Esc” to get Google task manager.It can help you with the extensions such as Avast ,Fast Access face recognition etc.,, Google Chrome plugins and PC processes causing problems.

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You must know Simple steps to Speed up Google Chrome

Smart Linker Tip 3: Kinky Linked tips

The following are the best Google Chrome 36 plus (+)  Link tips to tinker your Google Chrome browser fast.

  1. Hold down ‘Ctrl’ and click a link to open in new Google Chrome tab, a powerful tip.

  2. Hold ‘Shift’ and click any link to read slates of Techslates in new Google Chrome 36+ Window.
  3. Hold ‘Alt’ and click any link to save the link target location to your latest Windows 10  PC, Kidding.

  4. Type a URL into Google  Chrome Omnibox and press ‘Enter’ holding ‘Alt’ key to open the URL in new Google Chrome Tab.

Techslates Handy Tip:

An Evergreen Google Chrome 36 plus Tip is to Press “Alt+E” and “S” to open Google Chrome browser settings.Handy Tip right!

Google Chrome Tip 4: A special Tip for Old Mousy users

If you are a good trickster using Google Chrome web browser with a mouse, then this tip might help you a lot. To close an unwanted tab ,place your pointer at middle of the Google chrome tab and simply press the middle-roller button of your mouse.Ah! ‘hasta la vista tab’.

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Chrome Omnibar Tip 5: Chromathematic Tip

Google Chrome 36 +(plus) Chromathematic image

Chromathematic image

Using the Google speedy search suggestions features, one can use Omnibar as a simple calculator.Just type in a simple math expression such as 36 + 49 in Chrome Omnibar to get instant result. Helpful tip for math geeks.

Google Chrome Extensions Tip 6: Thank Google!

Smart speed chrome tips from Techslates would be incomplete without mentioning about one of the best Google Chrome’s extensions ‘Google Dictionary’ from Chrome version Webstore. A handy Google chrome app that can help every time you want a synonym say ‘Plethora’.Just Double click any word to know its meaning.I will be back very soon with best Google Chrome 36+ update or  version tips and extensions.

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Cast it Chrome Tip 7: Cast my Screen Chrome

Recently released multimedia streaming adapter, Google Chromecast extension can help you stream your web content quickly from your speedy Windows 10/8.1/8/7 PC or Android Lollipop Nexus Gadgets onto your Smart 4k TV and also the Chromecast extension helps you to avail Chromecast offers.An speedy way to get free updates from Chromecast Team on your Google Chrome (36+).

Google Chrome 36 +(plus) Chromecast_Extension image

Chrome cast Extension image

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This is just a slate stuffing your brain with smart and speedy Google Chrome  tips. I will provide more updates and tips regarding Google Chrome latest 36 plus version in my next slate. Help me improve this article by providing Google Chrome tips that you think might be helpful to Chrome users to speed up their best browser,Google Chrome.

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Hope that these fast and quick google chrome tips helped you a lot to speed up your Google Chrome and Latest Version Google Chrome 36+/(plus).

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