6 Things you Must Do Before Six Minutes of your Interview

Every graduate, for that matter, every person wishes to crack their first interview. But very few could do it, that doesn’t mean that they are intellectual enough to crack the interview. Several things will pave the way to succeed in an interview. Have you ever asked yourself ‘How to crack an interview?’. People will look for ways to impress the interviewer rather than looking ways to improve themselves. Interviewees, persons attending an interview, must be confident enough to create miracles in the technical interview. Cracking a corporate interview is not a cakewalk for everyone. But en-training yourself to crack an interview is everything you have in your hands.

Everyone knows the most necessary things they must take care of before attending an interview. Very few people know what they should do with the last cup of handful minutes. Your chances of cracking an interview might be quite high, if you adopt these six interview cracking tips and tricks. Following these six tiny yet powerful interview cracking tips will make you definitely clear even Google or Facebook corporate interviews. Then, you can write a news article like how did I crack my Google Interview with ease?

Six Things you Must Do in 6 Minutes Before an Interview


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6 Things you Must Do 6 Minutes Before  an Interview

Minute 6: Switch off your Smartphone

Generally, interviewees carry their smartphones to technical interview. There’s no wrong in it. Switch your smartphone to silent/etiquette mode. Otherwise, you may feel embarrassed, attending a call before an interviewer at say Google Inc., It’s better to leave your latest android smartphones at home, while attending an interview to crack the interview without annoying. Do remember that minute things can make large differences in cracking corporate interviews.

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Techslates Tip:

If you are using latest version of android OS smartphone, Go to Notification bar and look for silence mode icon and tap on it to have hassle-free interview.

Minute 5: Groom yourself in elegant manner

Interviewees think that knowledge is good enough to crack an interview. Of course, it’s true. In addition to that, your attitude and appearance have good impact on the interviewer. So, manage yourself to be dressed in an elegant way. Try to avoid gaudy appearance in interviews. As ‘First impression makes the best impression’, interviewer’s first look at you will surely grab you some points.A proper dress code will make you look smarter than you are and the look and dressing style of the interviewee help you crack technical interview in first chance.

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Minute 4: Detach yourself with the world

Now that you are ready with everything for interview, seating comfortably, waiting for your chance to crack the interview. Simply, close your eyes and try to get distracted from noisy traffic-rich world to a serene arena in your brain. Try to get energy from synergy of all your senses needed to crack an interview. This is the most important interview tips among all tips and tricks related to cracking technical interviews.

Minute 3: Recollect your winning moments

In this minute, try to recall all your achievements you have made in your life. A quick and good recollection of winning moments can boost up your confidence. Such mind-built confidence can surge positive vibes over your interview performance. I am sure that, this minute recollection will definitely work out in cracking interviews. Several of my friends, who cracked several corporate interviews, agree with me, in this regard. If you don’t have remarkable achievements, hope that cracking this interview will be your first success.This type of positive hope tip will take you to the top most levels of your career.You have to discover the inner talents within you to crack the interview.

Have a quick glance to discover yourself in you   and crack the interview.

Minute 2: Design your future 15 minutes

Designing our future? Yes, I mean it. In the last minute, you recollected your past glorious moments to boost up your confidence. In this minute, you have to presume that you will be comfortable with the interview questions those will be asked by the interviewer. Assume that you are in rapport with the interviewer. Just imagine that you cracked the interview successfully and become a part of the company. This future-simulation act will yield good results in the interview.

Minute 1: Attach yourself with the world

Hoping you had re-energized your senses and is set to crack the interview. Reattach yourself with the world where an interview is waiting for you. By this time, I think, invisible positive fields must be emerging out from you. Take a deep breath in and stay attentive to get the call from the interviewer. Make yourself set to go for the interview and unleashing all your senses, just crack the damn interview.

In my opinion, last few minutes before an interview, are very valuable and must be taken great care of.  I assure you that you can crack even Facebook / Google interview, meant to be toughest, with proper management of yourself and your time. I hope that you had a good reading about the interview cracking tips and what must one do before an interview to crack it.

I wish you all the best for your forthcoming interviews.

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