4 Funny ways to kill Interviewer’s time to crack technical interview

Being funny is not a crime in today’s technical world. Especially, easy-go attitude earns some credit in technical job interviews from perspective of the HR. One best tip to crack technical interview is to impress the interviewer. You have countable minutes in your hands to impress the HR to get a job. You have to showcase your abilities to crack the interview and get on with job. Techslates will show you the best ways to manage time in technical interview.Succeeding the interview  is not an easy task for freshers, especially.

Killing interviewer’s Time to get a job?

Yes, Killing the technical HR’s interview time can make you clear technical rounds to get a job. Then, you may ask me, How do I kill Interviewer’s time? If so, will HR technical skills allow me to crack technical interview? Yes, few funny ways to kill interviewer’s time do exist. Yes, HR’s technical skills won’t realize this time-killing , I promise you however if HRs won’t read these interview tips to crack interview for a job.

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Why time-killing to crack technical interviews?

I suggest time-killing only for those interviewees, who don’t have enough technical skills needed to crack a technical interview. Even though you are good at technical skills, these funny ways will sky-rocket your technical interview performance to get a  job .

  • You are not the only person to be interviewed by the corporate company, so time factor comes into picture.

  • Generally, technical interviews will be around 20-60 minutes. As ‘time waits for none’.

  • A survey reveals that most of the HRs will earmark interview session duration.

  • Most important of all, not very sound technical knowledge.

Impressing HR will improve probability of cracking the interview. Check out the latest best ways to impress HR and succeed in the interview. Stronger is your impression on the interviewer, more are the chances of clearing the technical rounds to get a job.

4 time-killing tips to crack technical interview to get a job

Tip 1: Charm your resume with traps

Charm your Resume interview Tips picture Resume is the first way to kill time of an interviewer. A well-studded resume with flashy terms will grab the attention of the interviewer. If you can make interviewer fall in the pitfall you designed, your chances of cracking the technical interview will improve a lot.As resume showcases your skills, present skills that can trap the interviewer and help u getting a job. Cracking the technical interview will begin with your time-killing resume. With this time killing tip you will definitely succeed in cracking technical interview.

Tip 2:Drive the interviewer

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Not literally, I mean it. While answering technical questions, use terminology you are familiar with. If any asked concept is crystal-clear to you. Try to drive the interviewer around the particular topic. How can you do that? Just while answering the interview question, leave some known-technical terms to drive the interviewer to next question. In this way, you can steal some time from HR’s watch. Many of my friends and I cracked various corporate technical interviews with ease by driving the HR.

Tip 3:Project the Current Semester subjects

project the current semester subjects interview tips pictureWhat’s your favorite subject? It is one of the best job interview questions that can be asked in a technical interview. Take care while answering this question, buddy. Time-killing way to answer this typical interview question is to project one of your current semester subjects. Yes,doing so, will improve your chances of cracking the technical interview. Being recent subject, you might answer few job interview questions. Or else, you can just say that you are eagerly waiting to cover the topic.

Tip 4:Resonate with the interviewer

Interview tips & Resonate with interviewer pictureAs Bruce Lee said ,‘Be like through Water, my friend’.You have to sync with HR through out the technical interview. Resonate with HR as impressing the interviewer with your attitude yield some grains. Maintain a good rapport with the interviewer to clear the technical rounds and crack the technical interview. Tempt the interviewer to have a good conversation out of the box. It’s the most difficult interview tip, to be handled with great care to get a job.

Plan your 6 minutes before an job interview  to get the most out of your technical talents.

Just reading the interview tips will not make you clear the technical rounds to get a job. Put the interview tips into play to crack the the technical interview. Besides all these interview tips, some basic technical knowledge is inevitable to get a job in software company. Just time-killing won’t guarantee your hiring into a technical company. But, make sure that you possess some unique skills that can add feathers to your cap to clear the job interview.

You may be Einstein of your engineering branch, but you may fail to crack technical interview. Techslates guide you to discover your hidden talents and showcase them to the interviewer to get hired into corporate companies. Crack technical interview to open the doors of corporate software companies.


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